+++++++++Chios update++++++++++++ In the past week our team responded to the total of four boat landings on Chios. On Saturday we had a notification from SMH at 4:02am of a landing at the Port. 28 people- 13 men, 5 women and 10 children arrived safely. They come from Somalia, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Kuwait. It was a calm landing and everybody received blankets, clothes, food, water and juice. On Sunday 9:30pm we had a notification form SMH of a landing near Vroulidia Beach. 7 men, 8 women and 1 child from Iran, Uganda, Syria, Congo, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. People were wet but after distributions they were able to change into dry clothes and have warm blankets. The next notification from SMH came on Monday morning 5:30am of a landing at Emporios. 4 Men, 4 women and 15 children from Afghanistan and Iraq. Clothing, blankets and food items were distributed, including soft toys to the children. At 11:30am the same day 15 people were brought to the Port. 6 men, 8 women and 1 child from Afghanistan, Somalia and Comoros. We were able to give all our distributions to those who arrived. In the Language Centre the students sewed hand warmers made from old sweaters and filled them up with rice. One of our students created a beautiful ‘2019 handsewn plaque’. On Saturday our Winter Solstice celebration took place. With many ingredients we would find in Chios students were able to cook and prepare dishes from their countries including Iranian, Palestinian and Iraqi food. In German class, students came together to learn baking vocabulary before baking traditional Christmas biscuits that they would share with the other students on the Winter Solstice celebration. In Vial Games we made necklaces and bracelets. In the garden we harvested lettuce and cabbage. We made a salad out of it for the party on Saturday. Thanks to our donors we were able to pay for construction works in Vial Camp. A drainage was made and different types of gravel as well as sand were used to fix the ground. On Monday a local Brazilian drums group performed in Vial Camp. One of our volunteers belongs to the group this is why our volunteers attended the performance and tried to keep everything in order. In the warehouse the restocking of the carstock and the porthut due to all the landings in the past days had priority. As well as we fixed 150 Hygiene Packs for the Womens Centre and 23 Hygiene Packs for people who got imprisoned. The focus was as well on several distributions which took place in the past days. We were able to distribute to vulnerable cases living in apartments on the island. We distributed to some women with new born babies who were in desperate need of diapers. Love&Peace  

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