OA Distribution Warehouse

A mass distribution of non-food items to residents of Vial as well as those living in apartments, this needed to happen at a location away from camp.


As the global refugee crisis continues to displace unfathomable numbers of people, the conditions and needs of refugees are increasingly unpredictable.

Free Local's Shop

The Local’s Shop is a place for the inhabitants of Chios to come and pick out free clothes for women, children, and men.

-- Projects on hold due to COVID-19 --

Vial Tea

For the residents living at Vial, it can be difficult to interact with other people on the island – not only because of the language barrier but also because the issue of mobility around the island

Appartment Activities

3 times a week we facilitate activities at apartment blocks which are home to asylum seekers and refugees.

Vial Games

Vial is home to around 500 children, making up 29% of the refugee camp’s population. The importance of facilitating pure, unadulterated play for them is not to be underestimated…


Since the formation of the very first team in 2015, hundreds of volunteers have contributed their time, energy and resources to provide direct humanitarian aid.