As the largest NGO warehouse on Chios island, our volunteers spend much time sorting the supplies that we receive. After  preparing packs for landings we send the additional supplies to various NGO’s doing distributions at Vial, and supporting the refugee community on the island❤️

Here’s a sample of our distributions during one week’s period:

57 boxes of men’s clothes to BIRVANI AND BANANAS

100 boxes of women’s clothes, hats, thermal leggings,jackets,trousers,underwear and other supplies to ONE FAMILY NO BORDERS

47 boxes of children’s clothes to IRIS CENTRE

2 newborn baby baskets with clothes,hygienes in hospital.

Blankets to SMH for the clinic inside Vial.

On behalf of Offene Arme e.V/Cesrt a huge thanks to all our supporters, volunteers and all the teams working on the ground to make people’s lives better!❤️

The last week of December 2019 we gave:

19 tents, 8 sleeping bags, 6 boxes of bedding to VIAL.

1000 women’s underwear, 127 Abayas, 1500 hygiene packs for women, 95 boxes of women’s clothes to 1 FAMILY NO BORDERS.

31 boxes of men’s clothes to BIRYANIS AND BANANAS.

37 boxes of women’s and children’s clothes and shoes to IRIS CENTRE.

10 boxes with supplies to TRITEKNOUS CHARITY.

(Updated 11.1.20)