Since the formation of the very first team in 2015, thousands of volunteers have contributed their time, energy, kindness and resources to provide direct humanitarian aid. It is our aim to meet the immediate needs of refugees and asylum seekers who have arrived in Chios after life threatening boat journeys across the Aegean Sea from Turkey.

We are a First Response Team operating 24/7. When the team go “On Call” they are available for the whole 24 hour shift, responding immediately at any time of the day or night to a landing. A landing could either be on the shore line of Chios, a beach or roadside, or by police transfer to Chios Port.

We work in collaboration with the medical team SMH (Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario) in providing a space for those in need of urgent medical care to be examined and given emergency treatment. It is SMH who inform us of any landings. Once SMH contacts us, we make our way to the location given.

Our van is always fully stocked with clothing, food, blankets, diapers… All the necessary supplies that will be needed to distribute to the men, women and children who have just arrived by difficult and dangerous boat crossing. They are met warmly by the team – albeit in very challenging conditions – and we begin distributing direct and immediate aid efficiently and calmly.

After each landing we always clean the area of any garbage, take the life jackets, and locate the boat. The boats are cut into pieces and taken back to our warehouse where it is then sent to the German organisation Mimyrci, who use them for recycling projects.

Currently we are not attending any landings due the Covid-19 pandemic.