The work of Offene Arme has been made possible through the efforts of short and long-term self-funded volunteers, dedicated coordinators and the support of organisations from around the world. This support has been invaluable to Offene Arme, as well as ensuring that the situation continues to be in the public eye.

Offene Arme’s efforts were made possible through the numerous voluntary helpers from around the world, approaching each other as equals and engaging in conversations about the priorities of the help provided were and still remain basic principles of the organisation.                                      

The viability of our work depends on the generosity of donors and suppliers from around the world.

Since 2015 we have cooperated with more than 81 organisations all over the world, as shown in the picture above. There are many donors not showed on the picture, such as Choose Love who has contributed to the organisation and specific organisations like Wir packens An, Hamburger Hilskonvoi, Christian refugee relief, Friends from Chios, Road to Hope, Humansnation and others have helped Offene Arme e.V in many ways. Due to the restrictions with Brexit , the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion on Ukraine we have lost many donations and supplies. However, if you are an organisation that is interested in supporting us, please email us at because there are alternative ways to support us.