Our core work this week has been building upon the success of the OADW and, despite challenges, were able to register 367 new beneficiaries which means we have been able to serve 1453 people in total. We have registered 389 people who are 14 or under, which is 27% of the people we have helped to provide with resources. Of this 27% we have been able to serve 44% of 0-2 year olds, 34% of 3-6 year olds, and 36% of 7-12 year olds. We have been open for a total of 21 days and have given out a huge amount of items!!!💪❤️

Our most popular item is still men’s T-shirts but these represent a significant part of our stock, our most needed items are women’s summer leggings,Shorts for men and boys,underwear for children and women as well leggings for girls and towels .As we are now in Summer, and it is 30 degrees most days, cool, comfortable and modest clothing is essential for the people we serve.

Once again, its been a really busy week for our warehouse. The local shop is almost ready to reopen after a few hectic days, and we were also able to quality check, size, and sort the last of our donations!! On top of all this, we were able to support other organisations!

To the unaccompanied Minnors we were able to give them 4 packs of nappies, a pre-prepared baby box (with all the necessary supplies for a newborn baby). We were also able to give 12 T-shirts, 16 pairs of underwear, 5 pairs of shoes, 8 pairs of shorts, 8 pairs of socks, and 4 hygiene packs .❤️

To the Police, we provided them with 20 sleeping bags and 12 pairs of shoes.

There have still been no arrivals here and the restrictions have been further extended. This means we are able to concentrate solidly on meeting the needs of the resident population on Chios and we can’t wait to return to serving the local population as a thank you for hosting us warmly.❤️❤️

Volunteers are slowly starting to return, and we are looking forward to see where the next few weeks will take us. We have some great plans in the making which we hope to bring news of soon.!!!!!

As always, all of this is only possible with the help of our supporters, our donors and the team on the ground. We are excited by all of our planning and hope that everyone will be able to give generously to help us find a way through these difficult times to serving a population and community that is so in need.

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