Updates! 6/6-14/6

The OA Distribution Warehouse:

The team has been busy behind the scenes preparing everything in our newest project, the OADW over the past number of weeks.
We have been adding some final touches, including putting up more signs, decorating with some indoor potted plants, and putting out some of the brand new women’s dresses and men’s shorts for example, straight out onto the shop floor.

We are ready to open and start distributing for everyone in Vial, as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

Warehouse updates:

This week we gave the following supplies:

To Action for Education: 2 boxes of adult caps and 8 mini skateboards.

To Assist we delivered 1 baby basket and 2 bags of essential things for newborns (clothes, blankets, baby grow bags, baby wash lotion, nappies, wet wipes).

To Politeknoi we gave 2 boxes of toys for children as well as 50 packs of size 1 and size 4 nappies.

To Chios People’s Kitchen we gave 350 packets of tomato sauce.

To the municipality of Chios we gave 400 toothpaste, 240 shower gel, 72 BB cream, 1 box of shower gel, creams and other hygienes, 1 box of panty liners, 3 bags of tampons, 1 bag of plasters, 4 pairs of reading glasses, 4 boxes of baby formula, 1 box of children’s toothpaste, 1 box of tissues and 100 packs of size 1, 4 and 5 nappies.

We also did an emergency distribution of 1 baby basket and 6 mosquito nets.

Apartments distributions:

We distributed hygiene packs and underwear to 165 people in 3 self-funded apartment blocks. Diapers and wet wipes were provided for babies and young children.

We would like to thanks all our supporters and volunteers !!!!!!❤️❤️

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