We were devastated to hear about the fire in Vial last weekend but we had to control our feelings and though we are an emergency team and we knew how to respond immediately,we had to work through our sadness and help in the ways we were allowed to with the restrictions. We provided supplies to other actors and made plans to adapt our operation in a big way to give the most support possible.

Apartments distribution:
Since our last update, we have distributed to 201 people, living in 42 different self-funded housing units.

We have continued to supply this population with hygiene packs, nappies, wet wipes, sudocreme, baby clothes, maternity clothes, socks, soap, hand soap, detergent, hand disinfectant, towels, bags & suitcases, tea and ginger cakes, as well as extra deodorants, shampoo, shaving foam, bathrobes, cloth masks, gloves,. In addition to these essentials, we also provide toys, notebooks, colouring pencils and blow-up & regular footballs for the children and adults. On occasion we can provide extra items, miscellaneous items that have been asked for, such as a fishing rods and baby beds.As part of our action, we compile requests. Naturally, we cannot provide everything, which is always made clear, but we try to. Also this practise serves to ensure that we are providing people with things they need and want. We have noticed a huge upsurge in requests for hygiene products and hand disinfectant in particular, largely in response to COVID-19 fears.

Breakdown of supplies:
*Hygiene Packs*
119 Men
39 Women
44 Children & Baby

_200 Total_

_Extra Hygiene_
430 Soap Bars
83 Shampoos
52 Shaving Foam Cans
55 Hand soaps
159 Deodorants
44 Detergents
106 Face Masks
7 Glove packs
10 Bottles of Hand Disinfectant

27 Nappy Packs & sudocremes
54 Wet wipes

46 Tea packs
13 Biscuits packs (for young children)
196 Towels
73 Bathrobes
10 Hairbrushes & combs
24 Suitcases/ carrier bags

36 Footballs
33 Notebook/ colouring book & pens packs

177 Socks
9 Baby clothes packs
4 Maternity Clothes packs

Warehouse updates:
Our 8 volunteers worked really hard to prepare,short and distribute the last 14 days.
One of the jobs was to size 9000 T-shirts and prepare the supplies that actor’s asked.Also we prepared a pallet of plastic boats for Germany mimicry.

We gave:
To Vial management: 8,064 bottles of shampoo and shower gel as well as 4 boxes of men’s medium and large trousers.
We are very happy that the warehouse in Vial started working and many supplies are given to the residents!!

We sended to Pampiraiki to Athens :1 pallet of 8 boxes of men’s underwear, 660 pairs of socks, 1 box of toothpaste, 8 boxes of sanitary pads, 3 boxes of shampoo and 1 box of razors.

To Xloros Giorgis to Athens 1 pallet of :12 boxes of sanitary pads, 1 box of wet wipes, 99 bottles of shampoo, 192 bottles of shower gel, 400 deodorants, and 78 bottles of liquid hand soap.

We also gave to :
ARSIS: 100 thermometers, 1000 nitrile gloves and 400 masks,

To Municipality of Chios : 3,168 soap bars,

To Biryani & Bananas:-
1 x wheelchair
1 x pack adult diapers,
135 Blankets and duvets,

Vial Family Emergency:
(Unfortunate circumstances meant one family lost their tent),

To Action for education community volunteers :
875 plastic bin bags (for collecting garbage at Vial),
2 boxes of gloves,
9 tarps,
1 baby basket (including everything that a baby needs)

5 x baby boxes
5 x baby basket
2 x packs gloves
100 masks
18 x soap
3 x bottles liquid soap
Food (cakes and snack bars)

To Drop Off Point for At-Risk Locals:
21 x bags clothes (Men, Women & Children)

For Newborn Hospital Supplies
5 x baby baskets

To One Family No Borders:
3 x adult diapers packs and other we responded in other emergencies providing tents and other supplies for families .

Warehouse update 17.04.2020:

This week we supplied the following:

To Politeknoi: 1728 bars of soap, 2 boxes of gloves, 350 masks and 4 litres of antibacterial cleaner.

To IOM: 20 pillows

The team also worked really hard to finish the summerisation of the warehouse. We put all the winter stock into storage and gave the warehouse a spring clean.
Great team effort by all our volunteers ❤️
We hope very soon that all the restrictions will be over and we will be in the position to except more volunteers that are so needed.


A huge thanks to all our supporters and volunteers!!❤️❤️

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