As the global refugee crisis continues to displace huge numbers of people, the demand for aid is constant and ever-changing.

As a first-response team, CESRT is dedicated to providing immediate relief to meet the needs of those displaced. However the nature of these needs can shift week-to-week. This means our work requires a serious commitment to the organisation of resources.

With this in mind, the warehouse is arguably the backbone of CESRT. It is where short-term volunteers tend to spend the bulk of their time, and the efficiency of the warehouse owes itself to the hard work and ingenuity of thousands of volunteers. The warehouse sustains initiatives created by previous volunteers, which are always being improved upon; including, but not limited to, our finely-tuned clothes sorting system that ensures the most efficient distribution of resources in case of a landing.

No two days in the warehouse are the same. A surge of creativity might see the volunteers spending the afternoon preparing arts and crafts for Vial Games or researching workshops for the Language Center. And these moments are often sandwiched between more urgent calls to restock clothing packs or put together hygiene bags for the island’s women’s center, gather provisions for apartment distributions or sort through boxes of donations. Ultimately, the work in the warehouse is the center of our organization.  The rapid turnover of goods from donation and distribution is tireless, but it’s a sign that we are doing our job.