Our warehouse is at the heart of everything we do; it houses our free shop for refugees and asylum seekers, covers our free shop for locals, stores all our non-food items and is home to our wonderful volunteers during the working day.

One of Offene Arme e.V.’s core values is giving back agency to those that have lost it when leaving their homes behind. Being able to choose their own clothes brings back some normality. With this in mind, our warehouse enables us to store a wide variety of non-food items to ensure we meet the need while providing choice.

As the only non-food item warehouse on the island, working within an ever-changing environment, our work requires a serious commitment to the organisation of resources.

Day-to-day, our volunteers sort through donations to ensure only the highest quality items are stored as stock for the free shop. Any donations that aren’t selected will then either be washed or mended to see if we can restore their quality or used as stock in our free local shop.

Ultimately, the work in the warehouse is the center of our organization.  The rapid turnover of goods from donation and distribution is tireless, but it’s a sign that we are doing our job.