The CESRT Language Centre is located close to Vial Camp (around a 30 minute walk for our students).  We are a well-established and unique educational centre, providing educational services for male and females of all backgrounds, abilities and levels, over 18 years old. 
We are open Monday – Saturday, with a set timetable of classes and activities. We currently have 8 English classes from zero beginners to upper intermediate. Students are assigned to an English class depending on their English understanding. Each class is an hour and half, 3 times a week. Students are also able to learn Greek, French and German. Other services available at the centre are free sessions with volunteer lawyer teams on the island, arts and crafts, conversation and reading classes, and gardening activities. Each Saturday we hold different workshops for students to share and learn new skills or try new activities.
We have two classrooms at the centre, a small library with soft seating and laptops, an outside seating area enjoyed especially for checkers and chess competitions, and our student community garden full of vegetables, fruit and herbs for students to maintain and harvest when they like.
The Language Centre is a place of education but it also an important place of peace. It is very important for us to maintain this environment with our students; a centre that is calm, clean, comfortable and positive. We are welcoming and accepting to everyone, treating each person as an individual, as a student in our centre. 
Qualified and experienced teachers are recruited every few months, with teachers asked to commit to a minimum of 2 months – for consistency and continuity for our students. 
There is an application and interview process for the recruitment of teachers at different times throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering as an English teacher in The Language Centre please state when your date of availability is and attach your CV to –