The CESRT Language Centre is located close to Vial Camp (around a 25-30 minute walk for our students) providing educational services for male and female adult asylum seekers of all backgrounds, abilities and levels, over 18 years old. 

From Monday to Friday we focus mainly on English, but students also have the opportunity to learn French, German and Greek throughout the week as well as being able to attend an art class, yoga, reading and help in the Language Centre garden, where we are growing seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs. Each Saturday different workshops are held for students to learn new skills or try new activities. When students are not in class or attending extra activities they are able to make use of the small library to study, use the laptops, play board games, read or relax in the soft seating area.

Qualified and experienced teachers are recruited every few months, with teachers working at the Language Centre for a minimum of 2 months for consistency and continuity for the students. We have an interview process with recruitment of teachers at certain points throughout the year.
We recently asked some of our students why they come to the Language Centre. Here are some answers they have given:
“I came to practice English and to feel I have a life. It is peaceful and quiet. The teachers are nice. I feel I have people I can trust an talk to. This is my yard!”
-a student from Iraq, who has been coming to the centre for 3 month-
“We, me and my friend, Irani and Afghani we have nothing but we have you. This is very important for me. Many things, everything. For English And I found my questions in life. It’s very nice for me. My teachers and this place are very beautiful. My teacher is very kind and merciful. Usually I am not angry or sad but if I am angry or sad, I come here and relax. Thank you for everything.”
-a student from Iran, who has been coming in the centre for 2 month-
“I came to the centre to improve my English and learn Greek. This Language Centre is a place to learn in a calm and nice atmosphere. The teachers I feel they are doing something very kind and we should appreciate it. If we learn good, it means we can make them happy too.”
-a student from Afghanistan, who has been coming to the centre for 2 month-