The Vial Camp Cleaning Project is now taking place on a daily basis. With a core team of community volunteers, we work three full days a week and three half days to improve the waste disposal on the camp ‘jungle’, and create some kind of camp trash collection system in these areas of overspill. A further benefit of this project is the reduced chance of disease spread as food waste and other rotting materials are moved away from people’s tents, where children play and families dwell. On average our team bags 200-500 bin bags of rubbish each day.

We are aided in this by a dedicated group of community leaders of both genders – from an array of countries representing many cultures and speaking Arabic, Farsi and Somali. We continue to encourage this on-camp team to guide our initiative; we look forward to our break times when we rest together, share water and learn more about one other. In six days, we have cleaned one full circle of the camp overspill supporting all communities living within.

Our focus on improving their living space for reasons of dignity, health and comfort brings us all together on with one focus: to clean our environment. This project is a community connector that transcends all cultural and individual differences. (updated 11/1/20)