Dear All, thank you for your interest in supporting us. Offene Arme is run by volunteers, which means all received donations go directly to people seeking refuge on Chios.  

As you can imagine responding to boat landings, running a warehouse and managing different projects together with the residents of Vial requires all sorts of supplies. On the list below, we explain which items we need to buy on a regular basis to keep our activities running. The list only contains those items, that we must buy additionally to the material donations that we receive from generous supporters from all over the world. Hopefully, this gives you a transparent overview where your donations will go.

We appreciate every kind of support. As you will see below, even 0,85€ are enough to distribute a bottle of water, juice and a croissant to a person that has just arrived by boat.

Fix costs

  • Warehouse rent: 828,80€ per month
  • Electricity & Water: approx. 150,00€ per month
  • Warehouse expenses: ca. 200,00€ per month

Supplies for boat landings

  • Food pack: 1 croissant+ 1 bottle of water+ 1 juice: 0,85€ per person
  • Sweatpants for Women, Men, and Children : 4,50€ per person (We buy them new because we only have limited time to hand out new clothes during the landings. They must be comfortable and fit the people.)
  • Thermal shirts for Men: 7,00€ per person (The men usually are the ones that don’t get prioritized concerning accommodations in Vial. It’s likely that they must sleep outside. So, we want to provide them with something that keeps them warm.)
  • Clean underwear for Children, Women & Men: 0.8 – 1 € per person, depending on size
  • Sanitary pads for Women: 1,00 per pack
  • Baby wipes: 0,75 € per pack

Despite the listed items we need a lot of material donations depending on the season:

  • jackets, jumpers, long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts
  • leggings, trousers, tights
  • head-scarves, bras, hats & gloves
  • Tents, blankets, towels
  • Baby clothes
  • Toys, colored pencils, handcraft supplies

For donating directly to our organization please use the bank details on the right.

Thank you for your support !

The Chios Eastern Shore Response Team is now officially registered under the umbrella of Offene Arme e.V. (Germany). Under the name of Offene Arme e.V., the Chios Eastern Shore Response Team will continue to carry out its work of distributing essential goods to refugees at landings and responding to their identified needs as a registered humanitarian association in Greece. 

Learn more about the official legal situation of CESRT under Offene Arme e.V. !