Updates 28/1-1/2

Emergency Vial projects:

The last days we covered two more wells around the camp. We continue to work to keep people safe in the surrounding fields.

We also completed another project. We built five sets of steps. These steps will be installed around Vial Camp. There are a series of shelters positioned above a wall that were difficult to access. We hope this will help ease access to these shelters for camp residents, as well as minimize the possibility of injury.


Since the last update, we have continued to supply other organisations with various items from the large donations we received from Scotland and Holland.
To FEOX we gave 3,164 nappies and 16 bags of shoes.
IRIS CENTRE received 13,670 nappies and 336 packs of wet wipes from us.
We supplied REFUGEE BIRYANI & BANANAS with 10 boxes of socks, 2 boxes of men’s trousers, 4 bags of men’s shoes, 2 boxes of men’s jumpers and 46 coats and as well with human power for preparing the distribution.
We gave IOM 95 t-shirts, 95 jumpers, 95 underwear, 95 pairs of socks, 95 hygiene packs, 5 boxes of washing powder and 240 biscuits for the unaccompanied minors in Vial camp.
The team has worked especially hard this week preparing and delivering these orders, whilst also making sure the warehouse remains tidy and organised.

Vial Cleaning :

We re-started our Cleaning Project after a brief hiatus. We were keen to return knowing that hygiene, sanitation and waste management issues remain a problem on camp and that this is a long term health threat for all residents.

This week the team received support again from a mix of communities who helped to clean each other’s living areas. We feel blessed to have been welcomed back onto camp; it is our ambition to continue serving in this way until the living conditions for our human family are improved. We see this as our duty and a way to show we stand in solidarity.

Vial Games :
We are very happy to say the team were able to go to Vial games 3 times this week. Despite it being January, the sun was out and this bought smiles to volunteer’s and children’s faces alike. Games were played, songs were sung and a good time was had by all.

Apartments distribution:

We started the distribution in apartments 💜A wheelchair, hygiene packs, trousers, t-shirts long sleeve tops, towels, socks, biscuits tea, jumpers/ longsleeves, scarves, hats and gloves have been distributed.

All these days we had many meetings from different Organisations that came to visit and see our work.As well meeting with Ngos that working in the ground .

We prepared our warehouse and we are ready to receive the third container of the year!!from our new partners https://www.facebook.com/nothilfebb/ Wir packen’s an!!!!!💜💜, !!!Huge thank to Hamburger Hilfskonvoi,for make the payments for 11 pallets !!that are on way to Chios!tEcht Vor Ort!!!!!!Truly there!!cordinated ❤️❤️❤️💜💜for 1600 new jackets from Killtec!!!💜💜

On behalf of Offene Arme e.V/CESRT a huge thanks to all our supporters from all over the world!!Our our volunteers that working so hard but always they are with a big smile in their faces.

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