The week that passed more tragedies shocked the people living and operating on the Greek islands, in Turkey and other places in the world. Again, people drowned after overcrowded boats capsized on their ways to Europe on Monday and Saturday. Bearing in mind the life-threatening risk people take to reach European ground, the volunteers of the Chios Eastern Shore Response Team try to address the situation of those arriving and living on Chios.

In the beginning of the week the team nearly finished the distribution of winter coats and hygiene kits for the people living in tents outside of the overcrowded Vial Camp.
Emergency food and milk distribution for a family of 7 that are staying in an apartment at Chios .They haven’t had something to eat for 3 days..the team responded asap.

Other distributions happened for families that staying at apartments.

We supplied Vial warehouse with diapers for children and adults as well with clothes and what ever else was needed.

On Thursday everybody worked hard to move the last supplies left in the Karfas warehouse to our new warehouse. 

The team decided together with donors from the United States to buy pallets and wood for tents for the new arrivals in Vial. After our communication with the logistics of the camp we arranged enough supplies for 4 tents. As they have the big tents but not the floor to setting up.This is something that we continue to provide to Vial camp since the beginning of 2018.Small tents are not good for this weather anymore.

300 chairs have been given to Vial from us and already the stuff of Vial distributed to the tents.

All week we had activities for children at the football pitch ! This project is bringing smiles and happiness to children,with our amazing volunteers to welcome everyone !

All week our volunteers helped the Chios kitchen for cooking and cleaning!

At the language center at the garden we planned together with residents of Vial many plants for the winter! As well lessons every day and activities at Saturday.

Thanks to everybody supporting the Chios Eastern Shore Response Team in any possible way!

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